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Okay. I suck as a mod. But, let's just let bygones be bygones, shall we! :D

Rok and Sybel talking, Chapter Nine.

    "Why do you not set this Rommalb at Drede?"
    "Because I want a slow revenge. I want him to know what is being done to him and why, and who is responsible. The things he fears most in the world are the power and energy of Sirle, and me. He came to Mithran's tower that day expecting to find a woman who would smile and take his hand and do his bidding. Instead he found that woman gone and a great wizard lying broken on the floor. Since that day he has been afraid. Now, with your help, I will overwhelm him with his fears."
    His head moved slowly from side to side. "You are merciless."
    "Yes. If you choose to refuse me, I will go to bed and we will never speak of this again. But with or without Sirle, it will be done."
    "You have such things involved with this—Coren's love, Tamlorn's. Do you want to risk them?"
    "I have thought deep in the night, night after night, about this plan. I know the risks. I know that if Coren finds out how I have used him, or if Tam suspects that I am destroying his father, they will be hurt past bearing, and I will lose all that I value in this world. But I told you tonight what I have decided."
    "Are you sure?"
    She held his eyes. "It will be done."
    He drew a soft breath and loosed it. "I think it will be done with Sirle."

That's on pp 145-146 of my version, the first Avon printing in '75, with Sybel and Gyld on the cover (see community icon).

Okay. First of all, I think Sybel is full of BS. When it comes down to it, down to losing the ones she loves most, she really DOESN'T want to go through with it. But she's a stubborn old witch, and refuses to let such soft things get in the way of her pride, and desire for revenge. It's only when the threat of loss expands to her very self that she realizes the 'error of her ways,' if you will. It's only when she discovers that by destroying the ones she loves, she is also destroying that part of herself that Drede was trying to take from her. In the end, Sybel is such an odd creature. Not in the end of the story; I mean at the heart of the matter. An odd creature. She loves Coren and Tam and her animals more than anything. But she uses them all to avenge her pride. Selfish? Yes. But Sybel herself is not a purely selfish person. She just let the darker part of her grab hold, flower, and take fruit within.

What's most ironic, of course, is that one of the things she made Coren do is rip out that fruit of hatred and revenge. She wanted to bring him peace, could see that was best for him, but not for herself. Hehe.

Rok, of course, is awesome. I mean...I can see why it's a bit low, for him to be conspiring with Coren's wife like this. But really, he isn't doing anything that he wasn't already trying to do. She just happened to come along and make life a lot easier. I like Rok. :D

Aaaaand, that's all I can think of for now. Perhaps I shall ramble more later, about revenge and Rommalb and other cool stuffs. :D

Now. Off you go! Talk!
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