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Name:The Forgotten Beasts of Eld: A Community
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This is a community for the people who love Patricia McKillip's book The Forgotten Beasts of Eld.

I, rocknlobster, am your moderator, and completely obsessed. :)

Membership is open, join to post, yadda yadda. I won't bog you down with rules. I expect that most people who are fans of this book have the maturity not to abuse this site.


A long time ago, a wizard named Myk journeyed to Eld mountain. There he settled in the wilderness and used his gifts to collect legendary animals. He called them to him--the Black Swan of Tirlith, the boar Cyrin, and the dragon Gyld. Eventually his son continued his work, calling the Lyon Gules, the black cat Moriah, and the falcon Ter. He also called to him the oldest daughter of the Lord Horst of Hilt, and she bore him a daughter, Sybel, before dying.

Sybel's passion was the Liralen, and she spent years trying to call the great white swan. She stepped into the libraries of other wizards and stole their books, trying to find the key that would enable her to call the swan.

The same night she began searching for the Liralen, when she was 16 years old, a man came to her white-walled halls. Coren of Sirle brought her a baby boy, Tamlorn, her cousin on her mother's side, and asked her to protect the boy, who was a king's son. Reluctantly she agreed.

Thus began the chain of events that would pull Sybel from the safety and solitude of her halls and thrust her into the world of politics and war. She is powerful, and that power is valuable to others, who would manipulate, use, and destroy her and Tam. And all the creatures of legend and lore may not be able to save her--from her own rage and hatred, and her need for revenge.

~From a review at

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The Calling by Reiko Okano - Italian translation of the Japanese manga. (Yes, that's right, it was adapted as a manga!)

Please feel free to give me links!!

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Feel free to post these on your websites, in your journals, in your userinfo...wherever. :) More people = more discussion/cool stuffs.

Expect more of these. :)


If you have questions or comments, or just want to talk about the book, I can be found at rocknlobster!

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