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So. [livejournal.com profile] imeander is made of awesomesauce and win!

This community has been a bit dead lately, sorry to anyone still reading. >.>

Anyway, if all goes well at some point I will start posting scanlations from Volume One here as it happens, with [livejournal.com profile] imeander's permission of course!

As these are scanlations, they'll be friends-only to the community, so you have to join to see them.

Until then, fellow fans!

PS: I intend to make a new layout for this shazzam at some point. If anyone has any ideas/requests/pictures-to-donate, feel free.
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So I finally finished scanlating the one nice-sized sample I have. I may do the other, scattered pages that I have at some point, but this is the only continuous sample I have that's more than one page.

So! If you see anything that looks awkward, let me know. I'm an English-speaker first, not an Italian. :) Several times, I substituted the book's phrase instead of directly translating the Italian version. Otherwise, I tried to keep the feel.

The Calling. )
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I have plans in the near future to get tattoos of both the Liralen and the Blammor. Though I have pictures in my head as to what I think they look like, I would like some sort of pictoral representation for the artist to go on aside from just the words in the book. I know there's a manga out there based on the book and I wondered if anyone had pictures of either the Liralen or the Blammor from the aforementioned manga that you could send me.


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