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Rok and Sybel talking, Chapter Nine.

    "Why do you not set this Rommalb at Drede?"
    "Because I want a slow revenge. I want him to know what is being done to him and why, and who is responsible. The things he fears most in the world are the power and energy of Sirle, and me. He came to Mithran's tower that day expecting to find a woman who would smile and take his hand and do his bidding. Instead he found that woman gone and a great wizard lying broken on the floor. Since that day he has been afraid. Now, with your help, I will overwhelm him with his fears."
    His head moved slowly from side to side. "You are merciless."
    "Yes. If you choose to refuse me, I will go to bed and we will never speak of this again. But with or without Sirle, it will be done."
    "You have such things involved with this—Coren's love, Tamlorn's. Do you want to risk them?"
    "I have thought deep in the night, night after night, about this plan. I know the risks. I know that if Coren finds out how I have used him, or if Tam suspects that I am destroying his father, they will be hurt past bearing, and I will lose all that I value in this world. But I told you tonight what I have decided."
    "Are you sure?"
    She held his eyes. "It will be done."
    He drew a soft breath and loosed it. "I think it will be done with Sirle."

That's on pp 145-146 of my version, the first Avon printing in '75, with Sybel and Gyld on the cover (see community icon).

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Now. Off you go! Talk!
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Mwahahaha. I was just teaching kindergarteners for three hours, so you'll pardon the kiddie-ness, but I like it.

Let's play Sybel Says!
In reality, it's not just Sybel, though...I'm going to flip open my book pretty much once a week, and find a passage or a quote I like and post it here! Feel free to comment, and ramble on and on about how you love it, hate it, what you think about the situation, how it reminds you of something you did the other day...anything!

    Sybel caught the Falcon's mind, felt the sudden sweep of earth beneath its flying.
    Ter. Go back to Tam. There is danger.
    There was silence a moment, before the drive of Ter's heartbeat and the run of fire in his veins. The he said,
    Ter. Go back to Tam.
    Ogam's child, ask of me anything else. But I have a pair of eyes to pick and a dark mind to still.

    She lost him suddenly, groped for him, amazed, and lost him again; and a whisper broke into her mind, strong, implacable.
    "No," she said, and the word fell lifeless against the white stones. "No!"

That's on pp 84-85 of my version...which is the first Avon printing in '75, with Sybel and Gyld on the cover (see community icon, heehee).

And I'll set a good example by rambling a little myself. )


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