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I have posted a new icon from The Calling over yonder. Just the one new icon, though I also posted all the older ones I've done of The Calling in that post as well.

I intend to make more as soon as I can. @_@
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Mwahahaha. I was just teaching kindergarteners for three hours, so you'll pardon the kiddie-ness, but I like it.

Let's play Sybel Says!
In reality, it's not just Sybel, though...I'm going to flip open my book pretty much once a week, and find a passage or a quote I like and post it here! Feel free to comment, and ramble on and on about how you love it, hate it, what you think about the situation, how it reminds you of something you did the other day...anything!

    Sybel caught the Falcon's mind, felt the sudden sweep of earth beneath its flying.
    Ter. Go back to Tam. There is danger.
    There was silence a moment, before the drive of Ter's heartbeat and the run of fire in his veins. The he said,
    Ter. Go back to Tam.
    Ogam's child, ask of me anything else. But I have a pair of eyes to pick and a dark mind to still.

    She lost him suddenly, groped for him, amazed, and lost him again; and a whisper broke into her mind, strong, implacable.
    "No," she said, and the word fell lifeless against the white stones. "No!"

That's on pp 84-85 of my version...which is the first Avon printing in '75, with Sybel and Gyld on the cover (see community icon, heehee).

And I'll set a good example by rambling a little myself. )


May. 10th, 2005 03:02 pm
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Here we have several of Sybel and Coren, one of Coren, one of Drede, and several of Sybel and Mithran. (At least I'm pretty sure it's Sybel and Mithran. I could be totally wrong about that.)

Pretties! )


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